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  • Barcelona</br>World Race 2014

    World Race 2014


Winner of the 2011-2012 Global Ocean Race! Having won a race around the world, come partner with me for great adventures across the Atlantic and around the world. My goal is the Everest of sailing: the 2016 Vendée Globe, solo, non-stop around the world race. 

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Oceanic navigation, or, how to catch the bus !

26/01/2015 | Conrad Colman Navigation at sea used to be dominated by the question “where are we?” and sailors from polynesians in canoes to Columbus looked to the sun and the stars for help. Navigating by star charts and sextant, one can only establish one’s position once or twice a day in ideal circumstances and in cloudy or inclement […]

Wow, another tough day in the office!

25/01/2015 | Conrad Colman You can’t see it on the tracker because it updates only a few times per day but we have described a serpentine mess all over the sea today in our effort to make it south out of this ridge. We had a pretty tranquil passage of the doldrums at the equator with no rain or […]

Argo Float Launching 23 -JAN-2015

23/01/2015 | Conrad Colman  The Argos was dropped off at 23 Degrees 59.191 S 29 Degrees 23.750 West @ 13:37 UTC. All tests were positive and it appeared to be working as it should be. Text for your use. Today we took off our sticky sailing gear and put on scientific lab coats, figuratively speaking of course! The BWR […]

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