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Multitasking on land

Now a couple of weeks in, my return to land is proving a challenge worthy of the round the world race I just finished! My fiancée Clara kept the wheels on our life at home when I unexpectedly ran off to sea following Nandor’s surprise invitation and now its my turn. She’s working with a small team to organise the next month’s stopover of the Volvo Ocean Race in Lorient and with the clock ticking, its crunch time!

To make matters more interesting, I was rudely reminded of reality on land when our car was broken into and my computer was stolen, along with my edited photos and videos. That same weekend Clara was injured in her national rugby championships and will have her arm in a sling for these crazy weeks ahead. So, my metamorphosis from super co-skipper to super house husband is complete as I take up the role of my right arm’s right arm! Just as Nandor and I relied on each other to make it through injury and mother nature’s worst, Clara and I take it in turns to prop each other up when the going gets tough.

I am enjoying turning our great dishes in the kitchen after three months on freeze dried rations at sea and being reunited with my coffee machine is a whole new level of excitement. I am taking up sports again a thumbs up regarding my injured shoulder from various sports doctors and will head out for some long distance swims soon. I am also summarising my adventures at sea and preparing proposals for new companies as I embark seriously on my search for a Vendee Globe campaign for next year. Having proven my worth on the wild oceans and the written page I am keen to team up with a new sponsor for some great adventures in the future!


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