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Yellow Submarine

News from our media man Stan Thuret

« In the town where I was born, lived a man who sailed the sea. » Yesterday we felt like we were on a submarine as well.

During the night, the wind picked up and blew around 30 knots making us go between 15 and 20 knots for hours. The waves weren't big enough to surf so the boat would stop in each one, spraying the deck with large amounts of water. When I saw that in the morning, I decided to stay in my bunk, impressed by these new sounds and the crazy boat's movements. At the beginning you really wonder how long this is going to last and if you're going to be able to sleep in this washing machine! In my dreams I was going down endless slopes. Conrad on the other hand was running around, being used to offshore racing I could see that he was having lots of fun. Taking a reef, changing sails, moving things around the boat, he never stopped ! At the end of the day I finally decided to put on my wet weather gear and went on the deck to give you a taste of what's happening here.

Enjoy and have a good sunday! Stan

Conrad Colman NY Vendée 2016 © Stan Touret

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