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Direct from the horses' mouth

Now this is more like it! No more pussyfooting about with old sails or dreaming of what might have been. The depression has rolled through and I'm now in the post frontal train, reaching in 25 -30 knots of wind and, crucially, going like the clappers. As I am sitting inside writing this we just surfed down a wave at 22 kts, slowed to 18 and then accelerated again. On this point of sail it feels like I have the entire volume of the Colorado River coursing over, not under, the boat and any thought of being a hero and hand steering was quickly abandoned because I can't see my hand in front of my face given all the spray and foam. There's so much water in the cockpit that a fish got washed in and was able to swim an entire lap underwater before being washed out the drains, no worse for wear but probably in need of a quiet sit down and a cup of tea! What's exciting here is not just the exciting speed but that now after a few thousand miles together solo I am feeling confident in the boat and in our work over the winter. The OceanVolt motor charged without a hitch last night at up to 20 knots and 4.7 KW of charge, the pilot hasn't missed a beat and I banged out a gybe last night in nearly 30 knots of wind with mast head gennaker without feeling stressed. Its all coming together now and the old girl still knows how to lift up her skirts and dance a fiesty jig. Bring on the Vendee, this is going to be fun!

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