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Conrad "goes blue" with AETHIC's Sôvée

Conrad Colman, whose yacht is 100% naturally powered, is joining the fight to save coral from sunscreen damage with The Going Blue Foundation. He will be promoting the foundation's "Coral is Moral" campaign and will also be using world's only proven coral-safe sunscreen on his entire journey.

This unique position makes his partnership with The Going Blue Foundation, the mission of which is to diminish all water pollution at source, all the more credible.

Conrad: "It is high time we all do much more to reduce water pollution and doing this with something as personal as sunscreen, most of which kills coral and marine life, seems to me a good way to start".

Alongside Conrad, skincare company AETHIC is on the same mission. Its AETHIC Sôvée sunscreen, which he will be using on the journey, is the only one to provide validated scientific evidence of its no-harm-to-coral claims backed by world's only ecocompatible patent for its formula.

Says AETHIC CEO, Allard Marx: "Conrad's brand of steely determination, his experience, his genuine good sportsmanship and love of the ocean make him the natural partner to carry the "coral is moral" message to the world. Most people still don't know what damage their standard sunscreen is doing to the ocean and now they will become more aware of their choice; they can keep harming marine life or join exemplary people like Conrad and switch to buy AETHIC”.


Allard Marx, Aethic Tel +447860205646 Email:

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