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Update day 27: issues on board!

Today was not the best day to start Conrad's 33 year!

Reached by sat phone, Conrad explained " an electric bypass destroyed one of the solar charge controller and it damaged the electric cables next to it. It stopped the electronic and thus the pilot and I lost control of the boat as I wasn't at the helm. By the time I got there the boat was on its side and the gennaker in the water. It took me a lof of time to regain control and then to try to save the sail."

Fortunately the boat is secured, the electric problem has been solved and Conrad can enjoy some food and rest while the pilot does its job. The sail is too damaged and he won't be able to use it anymore which is a bad news but it could have been worst. It is very frustrating as he was doing very well and he has lost some precious miles but the moral is up and tomorrow is another day!

More news to come soon.

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