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Update: 1 month at sea!

One month at sea! Already?! And yet it seems to have taken its time. Time can fly by when wrestling with an unhinged sail, turning hours into minutes, or drag terribly when waiting for a puff of wind to be on your way. The three month race for the older boats is basically one month to the Cape of Good Hope, one more to Cape Horn and the rest to get home. So far we're on schedule and I'm very happy with our place, our pace and all the hurdles I've been able to clear so far. Now that the fleet is in the South we can see that the rythm is starting to exact a heavy toll on man and machine. Sails and masts have fallen, bringing down the high flying hopes of their skippers so I consider myself lucky to still be where I am now. Good luck to my fellow skippers, it's going to be a wild ride. Good luck to our viewers, I hope you like the show!

One month at sea © Foresight Natural Energy #Vendée Globe

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