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Update day 47

It's funny how the human body and mind can adapt and grow their comfort zones so quickly. I have been enjoying the calm conditions to catch up on sleep, clean and tidy the boat, check every available nut, bolt and screw and to enjoy driving at more moderate conditions. In this case, "calm" means 25 to 30 knots of wind and moderate speeds means only surfing to 22kts instead of wondering when we'll enter low orbit! With Christmas just around the corner, I have been circulating messages in the fleet to wish everyone well and those who have responded are all enjoying the opportunity to enjoy the festive season with the albatross while secretly imagining next year with glass of rum in hand, a roaring fire with friends and family. Distance makes the heart grow fonder and if contrast is the spice of life next year's dinner with friends will be tasty indeed! The weather will continue to be comfortable, at least on the southern ocean scale of possibility, until after I am clear of the sunny summer holiday celebrations going on in my birth country of New Zealand but as Kiwis will be digesting on the beach I'll be gearing up for another battle royale with a huge big depression on the 28th. With 45 knots forcasted in the middle and gusts that can be 20% over that, it looks like a nasty piece of work. However I have plenty of time to prepare and position myself out of the firing line. Now that I've come to enjoy 30kts of wind I don't need give myself occasion to get used to 50!

Picture by Stan Thuret during the New-York / Vendée race

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