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Update day 68: Falkland Islands

Northwards! After rounding Isla de los Estados, the South American Sicily off the tip of the peninsula, I finally turned left for real and headed due north under my Code 0 foresail. A beautiful day that had me searching for my sunglasses after weeks of grey. I really enjoyed sailing quietly on a perfectly flat sea in the lee of the islands, a welcome change after the constant surfing and banging and crashing. The tranquility didn't last long however as dark clouds rolled in and wind again whipped the once calm seas. Despite appearances I was still more than 50 degrees south and was reminded not to forget it. I spent the night running with the small jib and one reef in the main and keenly felt the loss of my other small sails while padded his lead with great speeds and is now well ahead. I could however appreciate the beautiful full moon when the dark clouds cleared away and enjoyed chasing the silver crests as it illuminated a bright road ahead. I'm now skirting the Falklands on my left and a big depression on my right and am working to shave off just enough wind to make good progress without putting my small spinnaker in danger. Meanwhile, as my olive oil remains a thick paste and my fingers are still a little blue around the edges I'm happy to make miles north and look forward to a change in the weather!

Moonlight sail in the Atlantic © Conrad Colman Foresight Natural Energy #Vendée Globe

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