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Update, day 78: cool guest onboard!

The temperature is certainly changing as I head northwards, not so surprisingly becoming hot and steamy as I approach the Brazilian coast in summer time. There was about 24 hours when I was comfortable in base layers and shorts but now the meter set to full boil and I'm melting. The Vendee globe is unique in many respects, but this wild swings in temperature are certainly part of the charm. The Iditarod husky sleigh race in Alaska or the Death Valley ultra marathon both deal with absurd extremes in temperature, but only in one direction which must at least make packing easier! My companions have changed too. Gone is the constant surveillance from the albatross and the stormy petrels. I had dolphins around me again the other night, I have seen my first flying fish and I was visited by a huge rainforest moth who had clearly taken a wrong turn at an intersection somewhere! Bigger than my outspread hand and decorated in brown and green forest camouflage it was an impressive and surprising guest.

© Foresight Natural Energy / Conrad Colman #vendeeglobe

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