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Update day 89: Northwards upwind

It's hard to type because my fingers keep flying off the keyboard. I am still close reaching my way up the Atlantic and am making great progress, even out performing (my admittedly reduced) performance polars and routing. With sometimes 30 knots last night I touched 18 knots of boatspeed but for the most part bounced my way northwards with sickening bangs at 15-16kts. I enjoyed even less sleep than usual. One exciting moment occured when the autopilot short circuited when I was in the middle of an intimate moment with my bucket! The pilot pushed the helm all the way over and the boat bore away from the wind until it crash gybed, all while I had my trousers around my ankles and I was hanging on hoping for the best. I managed to keep the bucket upright, dress quickly, unplug the faulty wind instruments and get outside to sort the boat out in record time. Only 10 days or so left and I'm really looking forward to getting in and being reunited with friends and family. A stable toilet thats not at risk of capsize will be an added bonus!

© Foresight Natural Energy / Conrad Colman #vendeeglobe

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