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Update day 97: dismasted but still motivated

After a very uncomfortable night in big swells with not much balance for the boat, Conrad was able this morning to assess the situation. If the mainsail and mast have been detached to avoid damaging the boat, the head sails and the boom have been saved but with damage to the latest.

Even though the sea state doesn't allow him right now to work on putting a jury rig in place, Conrad and his team are working hard on solutions to fix the boom and how to best proceed.

The boom has to be repaired before one can think about a way to put it in place to replace the mast. Conrad is starting to gather information and ideas on how to repair it with the material on board. This would be the first step to put up a jury rig.

The next 48h won't bring favorable winds as one can only progress downwind with a jury rig. Conrad has 2 days to work on a solution that would allow him to reach the Portuguese coast or Les Sables d'Olonne if it looks like a safe option.

The skipper is very disappointed but is starting to get some energy back " Thanks to all the messages of support arriving from everywhere. I hope to be up to it and to be able to start again towards land without assistance. I'll do everything I can"

Patience and patch-up jobs are the motto for the next 2 days.

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