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Arrivée Conrad, détails pratiques

Conrad is going 6,2 knots tonight, 117 miles away from the finish line. He believes he can make it early evening if the conditions remain as forecasted 😀

If you are too far to come here, you can follow most of the action of the day on Facebook with lives and lots of updates. Even if you don't have a Facebook account you can see the content of official pages: for Conrad or the Vendée Globe.

🚩 Program for the arrival if you're around:


Conrad can make it before 18.45, he will be able to go down the channel directly with the tide


IF he arrives after 18.45, he will have to wait for the morning tide and will stay on the boat until morning and go down the channel at 8am


IF he were to arrive in the morning Saturday, he would go down the channel in the afternoon between 13.00 and 19.00

=> In all cases he will go down the channel, then be interviewed at the dock before going on stage before the official press conference

We hope to see lots of people to welcome the #CrazyKiwi 🎉 🎈

© Foresight Natural Energy/ Conrad Colman #vendeeglobe

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