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Spanish digression

The sun beats down unrepentantly, only this time I’m not flapping listlessly in the doldrums but ripping across the dry landscape of Spain towards my next challenge. I have traded the intense isolation and daily struggles of the Vendee Globe for new challenges, mainly lots of presentations and interviews to make up for those 110 solo days at sea.

Since running down the pontoon with a flag in my hand I have run all over the world; frequent meetings in Paris and London and side adventures to Plymouth, Glasgow, Geneva and Auckland mean that I have accumulated more miles since the race than during it! It has been a great opportunity to share my story, meet the people that followed my journey around the globe and meet new ones who are keen to embark on the next adventure.

Speaking of new adventures, I am starting a new job this week where I will be working for the race organizers of the Volvo Ocean Race in Alicante. My job will be to decipher the ocean racing strategies of some of the best ocean racing teams in the world and help explain what’s going on with the weather… all from the comfort from a climate controlled office! After a year of weather analysis, video production, and commentating live to camera I should be ready to jump into a new solo project for the Vendee Globe 2020 and I’ll be even better at bringing you along next time.

Further proving the value of our incredible international race circuit, my trusty stead, Foresight Natural Energy has been sold to a new sailor, Jean-Gabriel Chelala who will continue to promote clean energy with his campaign. Even though my jury rig was beautiful at the finish line, I look forward to seeing the boat sailing again at full strength!

Thanks again to all who believed in and supported this incredible adventure. The route to the Vendee Globe 2016 was almost as challenging as the race itself but together we made it through. I will be working seven days a week while the Volvo boats are out at sea but I will be using the breaks during the stopovers to train for upcoming races, present my adventures in conferences and to continue the search for sponsors for the next lap. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to meet up “offline!”

Interested by having me come to one of your corporate event? want to know more about sponsorship opportunities? please email me at

Departure Vendée Globe 2016 © Foresight Natural Energy / Christophe Breschi

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