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A new team: Renewable Racing

The first sailor to complete the Vendée Globe round the world race without reliance on fossil fuels.

Conrad Colman completed the legendary Vendée Globe, 2016-17 solo non-stop around the world yacht race after 110 days at sea.

He not only overcame countless challenges along the 45,000km race course, but he became the first person in the races history to complete the racing circumnavigation relying only on renewable energy sources (solar and hydro) to power his vital on-board systems.

Sailing the only boat in a fleet of 29 that was 100% powered by renewable energy, Conrad demonstrated that renewables are a mature solution for the race course, as for the powergrid.

He assembled both prototype and off the shelf elements to build an energy system that could function reliably in the most isolated places on the planet, even when pumelled by 100km per hour winds and pounding seas.

Having shown that renewables are a competitive advantage, his competitors are now adopting the same solutions, mirroring the adoption of clean energy more generally.

Now Conrad has proved what is possible, he and his Renewable Racing team aims to win the worlds premier ocean races and become the most sustainable sports team possible.

“The Vendee Globe is more than I could ever have imagined. The conclusion of a voyage that has lasted ten years. So much harder than I had imagined. An incredible opportunity to find the energy within to fight. To face all these challenges that were thrown my way. I didn’t think I would ever make it to the start line. But through hard work and good luck this journey became a reality for me. I’m so eager to share it with everybody and all those who face a challenge in their own lives. Anything is possible.” Conrad Colman

© DPPI / Vendée Globe / Conrad Colman Ocean Racing

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