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2nd stage of the Solitaire URGO le Figaro

Conrad reports after the second leg of the Solitaire:

"The Solitaire URGO Le Figaro is a legendary race and I am starting to understand why. On that stage we passed the coastline of three countries and we had very light, delicate and tactical conditions and also very strong conditions, gusting 40 and sustained 30 knots, and really we had something for everyone.

In many ways I enjoyed sailing the boat a lot more on this second leg because we had such a variety of conditions, and it was really a big challenge, a puzzle to try and solve. So that how it was. The result is not so good and it is extremely disappointing for me. I had a decent first leg but I was penalized twice by adverse current, I had to fight the tide to get to the buoy at the end of Brittany and I then had to fight it to get back to the finish. As I was coming down I could see the boats zooming the other way and I knew it would be terrible for me.

For me I came here to sharpen my skills, in my career I missed a step. My whole goal to start with was to sail round the world and I have done that three times, I now really want to hone my skills before doing the Vendée Globe for example. Here is an option to retake the class I missed before re-taking my next exam, I am trying to become a better sailor.”

Arrival of leg 2 of the Solitaire 2019 © Yvan Zedda

Arrival of leg 2 of the Solitaire 2019 © Yvan Zedda

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